Available Choices Of Mining Hard Hats
Mining Hard Hats

Mining Hard Hats

Mining hard hats are especially designed to protect workers in mines, caves, and other dark, tightly confined spaces.

There are a number of different mining hard hats to choose from. The one that you should use depends on a number of things, such as the specific requirements of the work site, your particular job on the work site, and of course your personal preferences, just to name a few.

However, we have found that the MSA Comfo-Cap, shown below, meets the needs of the majority of customers. It is in fact the most popular mining hard hat currently on the market.

A couple of things makes this hard hat an ideal head protection piece for the mine worker.

First, it has a low-clearance crown. This is very important because when you are working in mines you will frequently encounter low celing areas. You need to get through these areas with ease to work efficiently and to avoid injury. Furthermore, you also have to be careful not to disturb the walls as much as possible to help prevent ceiling collapse in areas with weak structural integrity. A traditional hard hat design, with a prominent crown, is simply not fit for the job of a miner.

MSA Comfo-Cap mining hard hats have a polycarbonate hard shell that is light weight yet extremely tough. Furthermore, the hard hat’s crown features molded cross ridges, which are specially designed to enhance the level of rigidity and strength, particularly vital for miners, whose heads get banged up practically every day.

At the same time, these mining hard hats are non slotted, so although you cannot attach hard hat accessories other than a lamp, this helps to assure the wearer does not get caught onto any tight spaces or protruding objects within the mine. Furthermore, it also allows falling objects to slide right off should they strike the wearer’s head, which reduces the risk that he will get pinned or dragged down by such objects.

MSA Comfo Cap mining hard hats are equipped with brackets on the front end above the brim so the user can attach a headlamp. That way, you will have a light source to help you get around. Although it is wise to always have a flashlight with you, it is nice to have both hands free, especially when you are deep within a mine in a tight corridor and its pitch black everywhere around you.

A number of merchants will sell this model, and it will usually come stocked with MSA’s mid-grade suspension sytem, which it calls Staz-On. It’s not a bad setup. The crown straps are made out of Nylon, so it provides more cushion and comfort than basic plastic suspension systems. This is a four point suspension system that will disperse the impact of anything that may strike the hard shell across four points on the helmet. Fit adjustments are made via a smooth sliding, releasable positive locking mechanism.

This model meets or exceeds all ANSI Z89.1-2003 requirements for a Type 1 (top impact) Class G (electrical, low voltage) hard hat.

Available colors are white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, and black.

If you are interested in using MSA Comfo-Caps, you can purchase them for $50 – $60 each.

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